Quantity Surveying

Quantity surveying involves financial planning of construction, effective cost management, control of budgets for building and engineering projects of all sizes.

Integrated YMR Partnership is responsible for providing support and expertise at every stage of the construction process from initial feasibility through to settlement of the final account.

Quantity surveying careers offer excellent prospects to diversify into more specialist areas such as Risk Analysis, Value Engineering, Dispute Resolution, Project Management and Capital Allowances.

Project Management

Project Management involves the planning and implementation of construction process from inception to final completion of the project and aims at coordinating and augmenting services offered by the other consultancy team players to ensure timeous and quality delivery of project.

Effective project management is achieved through concise planning, organisation and monitoring of the design and construction processes to control the risks, costs and delays.

Project management covers a wide spectrum of knowledge and expertise.

Construction managers job require individuals to have previous experience in a similar role and have worked through the full life cycle of building and infrastructural projects.